COMING SOON: A tool that tracks and measures progress with clients in therapy.

We have created the Serious Mind Games scoring tool as an easy way to measure important aspects of family therapy by creating a window into how the family structure is behaving. The therapist can use this quantification method to look at:

  • The progress clients have made when they come to the end of therapy.
  • The progress, or the lack of progress from session to session.
  • An objective picture of the family dynamics, and the shifting organization of the family structure, at any given moment.


The tool (in Microsoft Excel format) lets you capture quantitative information from sessions with clients in which you play the games Knowsy™ and Speed Boat. Once you enter the information about the outcome of these games, the tool uses these results to assess important dynamics inside the family system.

We’re very excited about providing this tool, since it gives you quantitative insights. That’s one of the great benefits of using serious games in therapy: it’s a short step from playing the game to measuring important interactions.

Just to be clear, you do not need to use this tool to play the games, and to get important other benefits from playing the game. For example, if you never use this tool, playing the games will still help you reach breakthrough moments and deeper insights. However, if you have any reporting duties — for example, the type of reporting required for insurance, family court, or mediation — this tool can help.

The tool is free to download and use. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. If you have questions, please contact us.

Have fun,

Kathleen and Laura